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DCMC Meetings

DC Marine Community meetings are an informal and unbiased platform for discussion and information sharing. Topics are based on the interests of participants, and tend to focus on current and emerging marine and coastal issues. The emphasis is largely international, but domestic issues are also occasionally addressed. Meetings are held quarterly.

Upcoming meetings:

To be announced

Past Meetings:

February 11, 2005: Scaling up Marine Protected Areas

  • Agenda (PDF File - 22 KB)
  • Meeting notes (PDF File - 37 KB)
  • Powerpoint presentation by Joseph Uravitch: Designing the National System of Marine Protected Areas in the United StatesDownload the presentation (PDF File - 738 KB)
  • Powerpoint presentation by Scott Smith: MPA Networks by 2012: Supporting the Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity's Protected Areas Program of Work in Island Countries (PDF File - 127 KB).

November 3, 2004: Successful Marine Protected Areas Require Broad Support: Philippine Case Study

  • Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Alan White (Successful Marine Protected Areas Require Broad Support: Philippine Case (PDF File - 5317 KB)

September 17, 2004: Deep seas and High Seas

  • Meeting notes (PDF file - 33 KB)
  • Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Larry Madin: Deep-sea Fisheries: Ecology, Economics and Conservation (PDF File - 301 KB)
  • Powerpoint presentation by Kristina Gjerde: IUCN Update - High Seas Marine Protected Areas September 2004 (PDF File - 4277 KB)

May 26, 2004: U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy Report

  • Agenda (PDF File - 12 KB)
  • Final SWAT Team Analysis (PDF File - 225 KB)

January 28, 2004: Kickstarting the community

  • Agenda (PDF File - 21 KB)

Photography credits to: CORAL, Mary Lou Frost, and NOAA/MBARI

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